Air travel is not the luxury it once was. Every year more and more people choose flying over alternative forms of travel. Steadily increasing volume means more wear and tear on buildings and systems and the need for more efficient terminals. This makes it important for airport construction and aviation construction services that focus on smart and modern structures.

The airport industry is experiencing significant change as airport expansion plans rise to the top of government agendas to meet the growing demand from today’s tourists and business travellers.

The world is becoming smaller – and at ADIWPL we are helping to facilitate the development of airport infrastructure and buildings internationally, often in remote parts of the globe.

In every project location we utilise the expertise of our dedicated and long-established supply chain, working together to develop optimum solutions that provide best value and exceed customer expectations.

Our projects are delivered through a variety of procurement routes including Design and Build, as consortium members and as international partners.

Designing and building ultra-modern airports which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ADIWPL distinguishes itself with the quality of its work, its expertise in the field and its reliability as a trusted project stakeholder.

Using the latest high-tech innovations in the industry, the company envisages to complete projects in record time while maintaining the highest standards of quality, health and safety.

ADIWPL works with airports of all sizes on construction projects that range from:

  • Airside Infrastructure / Paving 
  • APM Stations & Tunnels 
  • Apron & Runway Expansions 
  • Control Towers 
  • Hangars 
  • Interior Renovations & Modernization 
  • International Arrivals Buildings 
  • Parking Structures 
  • Runway Construction 
  • Terminal Construction, Renovations, & Expansions

Roads & Highways

From local roads to major motorways, some remarkable transportation projects are undertaken which include Expressways, National Highways, State Highways etc building the country´s infrastructure, thus providing people with the mobility they need.

Improvement in the quality of life and sustaining economic growth are the prime factors we keep in mind when we design our sustainable roads and structures as they are critical for the expansion and prosperity of our country and its people.

Timely delivery within budgeted targets while adhering to international standards of safety & quality is the core strength of this business vertical.

ADIWPL is active in major works including: 
  • Construction of road and highways with paved shoulder 
  • Major and minor bridges 
  • Rail over bridge and rail underbridge 
  • Bus bays, truck lay byes and bus shelters
  • Toll plaza

Ongoing projects

Mopa Airport, Goa
Client: Megawide Construction DMCC

Kickstarting its airport portfolio, ADIWPL is carrying out earthworks, which includes excavation and embankment construction for the greenfield airport being developed at Mopa. 

Mumbai Metro, Line 2B
Client: MMRDA

ADWIPL has bagged a prestigious work for part design and construction of 5 elevated stations and 5 km of length of viaduct portion of the Mumbai Metro, line 2B corridor (DN Nagar to Mandale). The stations include Diamond garden, Shivaji Chowk, BSNL Metro, Mankhurd and Mandale. 

The estimated works is about 850 number of piles of 1m diameter and precast pre-tensioned U girders. The line also crosses the eastern express highway and the suburban railway harbour line. The estimated work is INR 393 crores with an execution period of 30 months. 

Shilphata – Bhiwandi Road
Client: MSRDC

ADIWPL is executing a 12km section of the Shilphata – Bhiwandi road in Thane under EPC mode. The scope includes widening, strengthening and upgrading the existing 4 lane divided carriageway into 6 lanes. Widening of 11 culverts and 4 minor bridges is also included. The dense traffic and activity along the road make it challenging.

Shifting of electrical utilities such as 11kv, 22kv poles and transformers, conversion of overhead cables to underground, deployment of new transformers in place of old ones is also being carried out by the skilled team of ADIWPL. The total works is estimated at about INR 80 crores.