Mrs. AnanthaLakshmi Desai


AnanthaLakshmi Desai holds a B.Com (Hons) from St.Joseph College, Bangalore and has over 17 years experience in the field of ICT. She oversees finance, investment and various company affairs and create synergies between the execution and administrative wings. Her proficient leadership helped build the business as she focused on factors such as technology, innovation, process engineering and expansion of distribution and scale. Passionate about the power of technology to achieve social good and the value of cross-sector collaborations for making this happen, she has designed early development strategic partnerships and overseen the successful delivery of many initiatives.

Dr. Srikanth Desai

Managing Director

Srikanth Desai is an Innovative Principal Scientist and key investigator with Research & Development experience in Biotechnology. He has introduced a comprehensive capability build, transformation and performance program to fulfill the strategic commitment to deliver outstanding results for clients. He is responsible for designing, leading and delivering growth strategies, building on twenty years of successful product design and the increasing need to create feasible solutions to challenging problems, in medical, digital healthcare and consumer markets. He has aligned the company’s objectives to make products happen and deliver excellence. Proficient in coaching, project management, and designing cross-product efficiencies are his strengths. He has been invited as a distinguished speaker to many academic, government and business conferences.

Mr. Srinath Desai

Executive Director

Srinath Desai is a marketing professional with extensive skills and knowledge in project and product management and has proven ability to direct successful projects and programs. He has strong technology background and highly familiar with business development and sales and is adept at developing and implementing strategies and campaigns for new and existing products and services. A talented analyst, he can determine requirements, create effective business plans, and lead global product launches and has the ability to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical faculties. Outstanding negotiation, presentation, and communication skills are his forte. He is committed to creating lasting corporate partnerships, engaging clients, communicating brand values and building talented, dedicated teams who enjoy what they do and thrive on diversity.