The eternal quest for solving the mystery of “The Knower and The Knowledge”, “The Cause and The Effect”, “The Agent and The Act”, has led to many a “thought process” taking birth and swaying the world from time to time with its unquestionable authority and immense public faith. Be it the religious injunctions of India in the past or witchcraft of the Egyptian civilization at its peak or modern day’s obsession with so called scientific temper or rationalism, they are all just a mere thought process.

Science with its display of gadgets, mostly substituting mechanical human efforts, may compel people to seek perception and logic in every walk of life. But still it is mere manifestation of different forms of energy through only one principle “Theory of transduction” which is just a natural property of naturally available transducers.

Even today’s favourite software is just an exercise of data arrangement. Is there anything meaningful beyond this? We at ADIWPL begin each day with this question as to what constitutes the exercise of “human senses”.

A divine resolution or natural computation in the brain….

But since GOD is known to be a Great “Vigyani” his every resolution takes a form of shastra(science). Our beliefs and rigorous research has led to many innovations incorporated into our products which chiefly enhance standards of living.